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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Wise to a new design shop – looks to be out Portland, way.

Good Stuff.


Apart from my hatred of the zune, Peter Sunna‘s work is inspiring for very commercial clients and products. I’m a fan.

Doubtful. Apparently the gents behind Cuil are ex-google employees who claim they can search 3x the amount of sites as Google. I don’t see these guys dethroning King Google, but I’ve been wrong before.

I will say Cuil beats Google in sex appeal. Much better looking site.

This post is for Chris. I think you’ll flip when you see this work.

It’s like Victore and David Carson had a bought to the death and she was resurrected from the ashes.

One of my favorite design shops, Invisible Creature now has a blog with loads and loads of good stuff. These guys are the jam.

I’m not the biggest fan of wordpress. It has some things I’m not too fond of, but I must say that the new interface is pretty snazzy. Chris and I were sporting version on the previous site (R.I.P.) before it decided to go be with the lord and this version (whatever it might be) is a vast improvement, not to mention the iPhone software is pretty nice.

I don’t think it’s enough to change my mind. My research still points to expression engine as a ballsy alternative to the wp cms. But this latest version of wordpress has far surpassed any other blogs I’ve used or researched using.

Leaked from ComicCon, I give you the first wolverine trailer.

I read an article about the CEO of C.F. Martin and Co. guitar manufacturers;

Like a lot of growing businesses, he had hired a guy to come in and make the company run more efficiently; therefore, earning greater profits and making the company more valuable.  This guy says to the CEO, “Chris, everyone around here works so hard and I tell them, ‘we aren’t trying to make the perfect guitar.'”  And his response was simply, “We are trying to make the perfect guitar.”

I want to work for a guy like this. You know that thing that people say, “you should get smart clients if you want to do great work.”?  I think the same applies to employment.  If you want to do great work, work with smart people.

As a side note:

In the same article, it told a story about a time when the CEO was at a trade show with his father.  CBS had offered to buy Martin and Co., and his father asks him if he would ever want to be involved in the family business.  His response is that he may be interested, but could not guarantee it. (He was 14 years old.)

In the meeting with the CBS executive, his father says “My son may be interested in taking over the company some day, so we aren’t going to sell.”

It was a short meeting.

This video keeps bouncing on and off YouTube, so I can’t post it directly – but check it out anyway.

Thanks Luan