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Designers are know-it-all-nut-jobs.

Mainly because, well, we have to be. We spend day in and day out researching new trends in design, technology, culture, and music so we can stay on top of our game. A designer that loses touch with culture, loses everything. I know a lot of designers, All of which are experts in one field or another. It isn’t because we are smarter than your average Joe. It’s because when we start projects we have to live and breath those things. Chris could probably tell you anything you never wanted to know about fire trucks and I know more about Asheville and Georgetown than I ever wanted to know. As projects come and go we gain more and more of this useless knowledge, but I’ve found that each set of projects gives me a little bit more insight into the next.

I may work on a project for a community in Denver at my first job. I switch jobs, and I find myself working on a project for a small local brewery in Denver. I already know these people. Yes, but now I know what percentage of these people like dark beer as opposed to light beer.

As designers, we are doomed to be hipsters. It’s just the nature of this beast. We’re going to have a heightened since of intuition and general interest in everything. I analyze everything. Everything. I get within six inches of every piece of printed collateral that I encounter. I know tons of designers who are the same way. Is it our personality that causes us to be so curious? Or is it the realm of things we’ve been placed in to?

Before design perked my interests I didn’t pay attention to the things around me the way I do now. I didn’t ease drop on passer-bys to see what new phrases I could pull out of their conversations. I didn’t touch every piece of paper I saw. And I certainly didn’t dedicate my days to perfectionism.

We’re loons. Most of us could probably be committed for our behavior (some could be arrested). But for whatever reason, I love it. We’re on the fringe of almost all trends. The creative community has the ability to dictate style and culture. We’re a part of that.

And it’s all in the hands of know-it-all-nut-jobs. What a world.


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