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Amerivest is looking for a designer for their homepage – do you have what it takes?

(stay away from this crap.)

via Facebook



  1. Why is this crap.. It was a legitimate request and I’m hiring several designers to work on our corporate page..

    Contact me with your gripe instead of posting it to the web

    Joe Ballarino

  2. Hi Joe,

    Our blog is a dedicated resource for students and other young professionals. As a result of that, we have developed our own belief system about many things including design and the nature of commercial work.

    We like to encourage students and other designers alike to store integrity in their work, and we don’t feel that bakeoffs, RFPs, and other competitive design projects are the way to do that.

    In other words, I would be concerned about responding to an ad for a designer on Facebook because it may cause me to just get the work done for the money. Instead, I should be building a relationship with you and understanding the passion you feel for what you do in order to communicate that to anyone who might visit your site.

    Design is a powerful tool – especially when it comes to marketing. If I need someone to re-wire my house, I do hours of research and asking around to find a good, competent electrician – I don’t place an ad in the newspaper or put a sign on my lawn.

    Thanks again for your comment. We appreciate your input, and I’m sorry if you feel misrepresented. We stand by the idea that we are naïve about some things and anything we say is just our opinions (or a bunch of hot air).

    Be well, do good work, keep in touch.


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