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The Decoder Ring Design Concern has been commissioned by Obama’s campaign to do a series of posters, billboards, t-shirts, kiosks, bus wraps, and other assorted goodies for a youth voting initiative. These posters are amazing and I want one.



  1. that’s one SMART poster.

    confession: i’m a self-professed decoder groupie. just got one of the posters (one of the few perks made possible by not having to put kids through college) that victore did when he went there for a week recently and all but tore the place down.

    ***btw – newbying makes me smile err’ time i come here.

  2. dang – did i type self-professed? you know i meant self-proclaimed, don’t you?

    (that’s what i get for saying RC needed pockets.)

  3. I’m also a Decoder Ring nut job. I own 3 of their posters. And they all need frames and a wall to hang on.

    In other news,

    The pocket situation has been remedied.

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