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So, nearly a week in I’m here:

It’s slow going, that’s for sure.  For those of you reading this for the first time, Here’s the deal.  I’m rolling through my iTunes from A-Z, no stopping, no skipping.  The good or the bad, it gets played in its entirity.

A few friends have asked me about rules, and there really aren’t any that can be universal.  Here are my personal rules:

I’m only obligated to work on the quest at work.

If I leave the desk, I have to pause the song – In other words, I have to listen to every second of every song; no leaving iTunes on at lunch.

If new music falls after my progress point, I just load it into iTunes and let it be part of the Quest.  If it falls behind, I have a spreadsheet with all new music I’m getting so that I can go back and play through those albums at the end of the list.  Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean no music, at home or away from work iPod, CD and Vinyl is not off limits.

Feel free to put up your adapted rules for the curiosity of us.  It could inspire someone to join this crazy scheme.


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