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I was taking stock of my online life and the many sites I host and came to the conclusion that the majority of my sites don’t really represent me as a designer. Here, in concept, vision, and conversation the job is done because I am speaking my mind, but the overall appearance of Newbying is a bit clunky for my taste. Granted this is a temporary situation that I (Robbie) have become far too comfortable with. After all, this is not the home of, merely a mobile home that allows the conversation to continue. I have to keep in mind that this is a design blog in nature, and there is little design going on at all.

With that being said I see a rebirth on the horizon, not only for this site but for Fix22 Creative as well. I’m in a mood for change to both entities. Both are exciting to me, but neither feel finished. Newbying peaks my curiosity because it is a shared vision Chris and I have to peak the interest of young designers by showing our child-like perspective on the world of design which we’ve chosen to live in. Chris and I are also very different designers so it mostly causes very interesting results when we combine our talents. Fix22 is nothing more than a portfolio of my student work. It’s where I was, but not where I am.

Still I am young and have lots to learn, especially when speaking about the web and all of it’s vastly confusing jargon. I am by no means a “web-developer” and my knowledge of all things php, xhtml, css, java, ajax, and any other four letter combination you can think of are substandard at best. So that is why I am setting before myself a task to know it. I am none to thrilled about this task either, because the only thing worse than typing code is reading about it. I hate the act of learning web with the intensity of a thousand suns. It is a necessary evil. Though, I don’t intend to be a wiz, I do want to portray myself the same in multimedia environments as I do in print mediums. Hopefully, with any luck I can share something with you guys along the way. This is sure to be a helluva boring and tedious ride.


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