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Erin Vey is an amazing photographer who specializes in subjects of the K-9 persuasion and she recently held a competition to get a free session with you and your furry little friend. It’s over, and I missed my opportunity to submit for Charlie, Kelly, and myself.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today folks. Check out Erin’s work/blog. It’s pretty phenomenal.



  1. This is really nice, anyway. Our black lab would have looked like this if it were still alive. 😐

  2. In his puppy years Charlie often gets mistaken for many breeds since he appears to be a full grown beast, but he’s actually a Newfoundland ( a fairly rare canadian breed of dog, much like a st.bernard) at the dear age of 6 months and a wopping 70 something pounds. He’s expected to be in the high one hundreds at his full girth. We’re saving money so we can feed him.

    He’s a good dog, a confused dog, but a good dog. He often mistakes pillows and legs for bitches. I feel with a bit of love and enough “ewwws” we may be able to teach him that humping is not the answer.

  3. haha. well put.

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