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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Posting will be sparse as we gorge ourselves on thanksgiving delights, so I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe and wear your stretchy pants.


Scout has a site dedicated to Barack Obama’s campaign trail. It’s all good. The secret service section is incredible and some how eerie.


I could be way behind the curve on this, but one of my favorite bands I discovered in college, Anathallo, has been hard at work on some new tunes. This video is proof/wonderful. I want this as my visualizer for itunes.

It’s been a super huge busy week for myself. Apologies on the sparse posting. So for your Friday I give you some rags to drool over. Invisible Creature just dropped some swag bombs on our heads. They are loaded up with creature-like awesomeness.


Dibs on the bottom two.

Studio On Fire. The stuff dreams are made of.




Tell me you wouldn’t eat your uncle’s leg to work at this joint.

I had the oppurtunity to listen to one of the head honchos from Archrival, a midwestern branding company. Twas awesome and full of good information about youth trends. It’s amazing how out of touch many people in the room were.

What the font? is usually my go to url when I need help on identifying a type face. When it lets me down, I turn to you guys. Anybody out there got any clues on these two typefaces.



Snagged from Cultivator Ads.

I just discovered 160over90 a few minutes ago, but I quickly realized they were behind the American Eagle in store and loyalty program applications that I’ve been pining over for a few years now. This group is grood (great + good).

I’m loving the illustration syles of Derek Art.

derek art

Not only does this blog have a great look it also has great content. Huge inspiration.