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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I’ve been following Eric over at for a couple of weeks now and his blog has won a spot in my daily traffic. I tend to put things through a litmus test before posting them here. That test is if I read it daily, it’s probably worth posting. I Draw All Day definately passed with flying colors.


Darren Kin of MuteMath


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When I’m seeking out inspiration the honeypot for me is always package design. A week or so ago I stumbled on to, and this site has made it in to my daily rotation.

My wonderful wife decided to out do herself this holiday season and bought me a mother huge plasma screen television which is better than the #9 on my list and she also decided to snatch up the #10 apple tv spot on the list. What a woman. I want to hear what you guys received this holiday season.

I’m sure most of you folks have packed up for the holidays but if you’re checking in have a Merry Christmas. Be safe.

Those crazy kids over at Brains on Fire just lit up their new site. They co-created it with interweb power house FL2 and it is unbelievable. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had navigating an agency’s site. Great work.

a new Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bradley are now up to their necks in snow in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after getting hitched on Saturday. Congrats to you guys and welcome to the bonds of marriage.

Our good buddies at Portland Studios have given us a holiday game full of yule time hi-jinx.

Searching for inspiration has made it’s way into my daily routine. I have two reasons for this. The first is my job. All designers need to pay attention to what’s going on in the world of design, as trendy and trite as it may be sometimes. The second is for this site and essentially filtering the good stuff to you guys. Scotty Reifsnyder is an illustrator & designer who stopped me dead in my tracks in my search for the daily eye candy. Great stuff.