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In honor of the season, I give you the “Robbie wants, but most likely will not receive” wish list:

1. a 15-inch Macbook Pro w/ 2.53 ghz processor with or without a 23-inch led monitor.
2. Xbox360 (grown man + video games = what’s the problem?)
3. Tan Canvas Stitchout TOMS
4. Someone to help me with/teach me/all around take care of the ends and outs of php, javascript, css, xhtml for the next generation newbying site.
5. Nikon D90 (a boy can dream, can’t he.)
6. a smartcar to replace my wife’s slowly dying mercury cougar.
7. the lose of 30 pounds (Santa probably can’t help me with this one.)
8. Any assortment of Invisible Creature paraphernalia (a portion of their brains or design madness would also be acceptable.)
9. 42 inch Vizio 1080i lcd television
10. (Contingent on purchase of item number 9) Apple TV
11. A 6-foot privacy fence for my horse, I mean dog.
12. The ability to never see Brittany Spears, Madonna, and any boy who wears eye liner ever again.

I think big, what can I say. All gifts are kindly accepted. Merry Christmas everybody and feel free to share your blind greediness.

*an addendum:

The Robbie Cobble Bobble™




    • south of tarnation
    • Posted December 13, 2008 at 10:44 pm
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    how will santa know what size TOMS to bring you?

    tell me a/b the bobble!

  1. My foot tends to live in the 8.5 region.

    Thank goodness Santa doesn’t punish for negligence.

  2. My Vizio was great for a year, nothing like throwing 700.00 out the window. I will never recommend or buy another vizio product again

  3. Really? What would you recommend? What were your issues?

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