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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Chris and I are working hard on rebuilding the ashes of We’ve grown tired of the templated wordpress layout and all around ugliness of our current residence. So we may be routing you to our new home in the near future. Since we like to keep things moving it may be a rocky start, but we will try to make it as painless as possible.

Stand by one.


I’m normally not an advocate for free fonts. The inherint kerning is usually terrible and weights are, to put it lightly, god awful. However, (as recommended by Sir Christopher Bradley) proved me wrong for the most part. The site is slam packed with gems and without fail the ugliest of ugly also reside here. So, download with discretion newby’s.

As a rule of thumb, you do get what you paid for.

*May I suggest the immediate download of Museo and Collaborate. I’ve been looking for a reason to buy interstate and I may be able to hold off a bit longer.

Layer Tennis is back.

My wife and I own a giant creature. His name is Charlie and he is a 9 month old 120 pound Newfoundland with a healthy appetite for destruction.

With that being said, we need a brand that can fulfill our need as consumers. Petsmart was fulfilling this need, until November third of last year. Petsmart previously had the best return policy of any pet store around. They would accept anything from their store that didn’t hold up to the pet it was purchased for. So having a dog that destorys leashes, this concept was very compelling to me. Charlie is now on his fourth leash since I have been taking care of him. Leash number 3 was purchased at Petsmart and lasted 11 days before plastic pieces started to crumble off and eventually led to it’s demise. So, two weeks seemed a bit crappy to me. We tried to take it back, and at first the cashier assisting us was going to accept our return and told us pick out what we needed and come back to the counter when we were ready. A few moments later, she finds me in the store and tells me that her manager said we could not return it because it had visual damage. To which I said, “I know, that’s why I’m returning it.” She said I could speak with the manager. So I did. For purposes of this story, we’ll call him ‘Dick’. Dick tells me that he cannot accept said item because it has visible damage and that they have a new store policy because of “Economical Difficulties”. At this point, I give up and say thank you and leave the store.

Very bothered by the situation, Kelly and I call the store and talk to Dick immediately after leaving just to tell him that we understand the financial hardships of our nation, and we felt we were treated unkindly in his store. We then told him that we will not be returning to the store, because the petsmart brand had been tarnished for us and we would rather support a local business anyway and since petsmart could no longer offer us a guarantee that would make it financially smarter for us to shop there then we would use a more localized source for our pet needs.

At this point, Dick recanted and told us that he would accept the return in order to keep us as customers. Kelly and I agreed that it was little too late for that, and we ended the conversation. We don’t hold Dick responsible for the new policies of his company.

Moral of the story: When your company falls on hard times you shouldn’t allow your brand standards visual or personal to fall by the wayside due to financial difficulties. My family bought all of our pet needs from petsmart (leashes, dishes, treats, grooming, and a 40 lb bag of dog food every 3 weeks). Now we don’t. We shop local now, which is a good thing. If you offer a guarantee that no one else offers, in this troubling time you can’t afford to change it. My father also owns a Newfoundland and has also sworn off Petsmart (in a much more angry way than I, but still). I can only imagine that most would and will do the same as they discover this new policy. Is it more cost effective to destroy your brand and save a few dollars or maintain your brand and save a few followers?

In honor of The Inauguration, the new and vastly improved is beautiful and elegantly coded.

(sidenote: check out the slideshow of past presidents and pay close attention to the amazing photograph of Grover Cleveland)

Course: Putting-your-money-where-your-mouth-is 101
Instructor: Pres. Barack Obama

The inauguration is today, so please try to make some time for it.  It’s a big deal.

Watch it Live on IMDB via Hulu.



I was shuffling through the new Comm Arts and was blown away by the article on Elixir Design, Inc. Great work and great philosophies.

*in other news: Comm Arts is cutting back because of harsh financial times. Down from 8 issues to 6. Bummer.



So, this week I hacked my brand new apple tv with the boxee patchstick, and it is amazing. In the process, I discovered Boxee and I love it. If you dig hulu and you have a netflix account it’s worth it to have it on your computer. If you have an appletv, then boxee is a must. It’s hard to explain, but it is wonderful and still in alpha. So jump on early and watch it develop at Kelly and I went from not being able to find anything on tv to watch to not being able to watch it all.

Now if we could get Boxee and netflix to present nothing but HD content life would be complete.

Here’s a video I stumbled upon of Boston Dynamic’s “Big Dog” four legged robot.

I also found a still image of their next project: