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Category Archives: Advertising

Brains on Fire set up a camera in their lobby, snapping photos every 30 seconds, and I made the cut.

To prove it, here is a modern-day image of the back of my head.

On another note, check out these guy’s work.  They’ve got their heads screwed on straight.  Their Blog is worth a look too.


Straight and to the point. (design on the other hand, is a bit different – the “smart quotes” are my favorite part).

Ever wonder who is responsible for the Tina Fay/Martin Scorcese American Express tv spots? Well wonder no more, Hungryman is the quirky group behind them. The Tribeca film shorts are brilliant.


Two years after their last record, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” Copeland officially announced the details of their next album “You Are My Sunshine.” Slated for an October release, this album is buzzed to be another great musical journey and I can’t friggin wait. Copeland has been my favorite band since my freshman year of college. Whether you like the journey they’ve taken or even if you don’t like them at all, you can’t deny the visionary that is Aaron Marsh. His ability to weave a song is uncanny and timeless.

The new album is very exciting, but more exciting is the way Copeland has gained attention for this record by viral marketing (true viral marketing). So smart(this is a must read, even if you’re not a fan. This is advertising at it’s finest). If you didn’t respect the band before, maybe you will now. Not to mention the photography used in the new album is pretty beautiful.

Cheers fellas, I can’t wait for October 14th.

I’m not saying that soldiers in World War II definitely didn’t wear American Eagle jackets, but I’m guessing that they probably didn’t.  They probably didn’t carry Norelco beard trimmers in their flack jackets either.

All I’m saying is can’t we at least try to making this shit believable?

(I hate stock photography).

Communication Arts is featuring Greenville’s the Bounce Agency on their website. Kudos to the absurdly gigantic bouncing red ball.