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Category Archives: culture

Uncrate: a man’s guide to awesome goodies.

Unplggd: via wello, one of my new favorite jealousy enhancing daily visits.

wisebread: inducing frugality one visit at a time.

The Superest: just to make me laugh.

Layer Tennis: Helps a Friday afternoon move a little quicker.


Here’s a video I stumbled upon of Boston Dynamic’s “Big Dog” four legged robot.

I also found a still image of their next project:

So, excited about what Apple may be announcing at the MacWorld conference, I tuned in to

During the course of the live feed (mainly just text), I saw this:



Of course it was all downhill from there until they eventually just pulled the site down. I feel for you, guys.

Please, go to and download all of these posters. You don’t even have to give them to anybody. Just hang them in your office for visual stimulation. Very very good stuff.