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Category Archives: funny

Apparently, Ruger is doing two amazing things:

1. They’re making the world’s smallest guns.

2. They’ve developed a web application that allows us to see these tiny guns to scale regardless of the resolution of our monitors.


If the joke isn’t clear – I’m pretty sure these images are not shown to scale.  Original is here.


If you ever read Brand New then you know that Pepsi is committing brand suicide.

Pepsi. This Dry Heave is for you.

In the spirit of the campaign season Ron Howard found a light hearted way of telling the world who he supports for the presidency, and it’s funny.

I consider newbying to be a mild success as far as daily traffic goes, but to whom can we contribute the mass of people that visit this site daily. The answer is Sean Connery. How lame is that?

Brains on Fire set up a camera in their lobby, snapping photos every 30 seconds, and I made the cut.

To prove it, here is a modern-day image of the back of my head.

On another note, check out these guy’s work.  They’ve got their heads screwed on straight.  Their Blog is worth a look too.

Okay – try not to get offended, because this is pretty hilarious.

This group took all the rules from the old testament and presents them with some very creatively constructed Leggo scenes.

Straight and to the point. (design on the other hand, is a bit different – the “smart quotes” are my favorite part).

Bigfoot failed his DNA test. We were so close.