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The stop motion is pretty amazing in this video. It’s pretty.


Newbying2.0 is clunking and steaming about and starting to breathe, the back bone is complete. Now the hard part, making it presentable to the public.

Today really is a royal crap-fest.

It is the birthday of celebrity nightvision mogul Paris Hilton. Best known for…you know.

AND, get this, It is also the birthday of Sir Michael Bay: the Cecil B. DeMille of twelve year old wet dream movies.

For a bonus, here’s a non-pretentious Bay interview on how to make great films (provided that the film is based on a line of toy action figures, turned Saturday morning cartoon.)

I’ve been assigned the daunting task of laying something out in Microsoft Publisher so that the end-user can freely make changes as needed.

I thought I would go online and see what others had created with this totally awesome, totally not-a-giant-piece-of-shit software. I found this:


Note: I used extra exclamation marks in an effort to ironically denote bad taste. Multiple punctuations are never okay. (my eyes are bleeding).

Chris and I are working hard on rebuilding the ashes of We’ve grown tired of the templated wordpress layout and all around ugliness of our current residence. So we may be routing you to our new home in the near future. Since we like to keep things moving it may be a rocky start, but we will try to make it as painless as possible.

Stand by one.

Layer Tennis is back.

The inauguration is today, so please try to make some time for it.  It’s a big deal.

Watch it Live on IMDB via Hulu.



So, this week I hacked my brand new apple tv with the boxee patchstick, and it is amazing. In the process, I discovered Boxee and I love it. If you dig hulu and you have a netflix account it’s worth it to have it on your computer. If you have an appletv, then boxee is a must. It’s hard to explain, but it is wonderful and still in alpha. So jump on early and watch it develop at Kelly and I went from not being able to find anything on tv to watch to not being able to watch it all.

Now if we could get Boxee and netflix to present nothing but HD content life would be complete.

Mr. Nicholas Cage.

(not the bees).