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Apparently, Ruger is doing two amazing things:

1. They’re making the world’s smallest guns.

2. They’ve developed a web application that allows us to see these tiny guns to scale regardless of the resolution of our monitors.


If the joke isn’t clear – I’m pretty sure these images are not shown to scale.  Original is here.


So, excited about what Apple may be announcing at the MacWorld conference, I tuned in to

During the course of the live feed (mainly just text), I saw this:



Of course it was all downhill from there until they eventually just pulled the site down. I feel for you, guys.

Our good buddies at Portland Studios have given us a holiday game full of yule time hi-jinx.

a few pounds heavier, but we’re back. A bone of contintion with myself and the market I am in is that we, as a community, seem to be behind the curve in web interface and general technology. Nothing extraordinary seems to happen in the way of webby-ness, but Brains on Fire put their foot down and said they weren’t going to take it any more with FWA even thought so by choosing it for their site of the day. Well done Brains.

I was taking stock of my online life and the many sites I host and came to the conclusion that the majority of my sites don’t really represent me as a designer. Here, in concept, vision, and conversation the job is done because I am speaking my mind, but the overall appearance of Newbying is a bit clunky for my taste. Granted this is a temporary situation that I (Robbie) have become far too comfortable with. After all, this is not the home of, merely a mobile home that allows the conversation to continue. I have to keep in mind that this is a design blog in nature, and there is little design going on at all.

With that being said I see a rebirth on the horizon, not only for this site but for Fix22 Creative as well. I’m in a mood for change to both entities. Both are exciting to me, but neither feel finished. Newbying peaks my curiosity because it is a shared vision Chris and I have to peak the interest of young designers by showing our child-like perspective on the world of design which we’ve chosen to live in. Chris and I are also very different designers so it mostly causes very interesting results when we combine our talents. Fix22 is nothing more than a portfolio of my student work. It’s where I was, but not where I am.

Still I am young and have lots to learn, especially when speaking about the web and all of it’s vastly confusing jargon. I am by no means a “web-developer” and my knowledge of all things php, xhtml, css, java, ajax, and any other four letter combination you can think of are substandard at best. So that is why I am setting before myself a task to know it. I am none to thrilled about this task either, because the only thing worse than typing code is reading about it. I hate the act of learning web with the intensity of a thousand suns. It is a necessary evil. Though, I don’t intend to be a wiz, I do want to portray myself the same in multimedia environments as I do in print mediums. Hopefully, with any luck I can share something with you guys along the way. This is sure to be a helluva boring and tedious ride.

Straight and to the point. (design on the other hand, is a bit different – the “smart quotes” are my favorite part).

Red Interactive probably has one of the most interesting and fun sites I’ve ever seen.

Also in the race for great fun sites I love and admire: &


Two years after their last record, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat” Copeland officially announced the details of their next album “You Are My Sunshine.” Slated for an October release, this album is buzzed to be another great musical journey and I can’t friggin wait. Copeland has been my favorite band since my freshman year of college. Whether you like the journey they’ve taken or even if you don’t like them at all, you can’t deny the visionary that is Aaron Marsh. His ability to weave a song is uncanny and timeless.

The new album is very exciting, but more exciting is the way Copeland has gained attention for this record by viral marketing (true viral marketing). So smart(this is a must read, even if you’re not a fan. This is advertising at it’s finest). If you didn’t respect the band before, maybe you will now. Not to mention the photography used in the new album is pretty beautiful.

Cheers fellas, I can’t wait for October 14th.

Getting pretty close.

And yes the house with the port-a-pooper is mine during construction.

Doubtful. Apparently the gents behind Cuil are ex-google employees who claim they can search 3x the amount of sites as Google. I don’t see these guys dethroning King Google, but I’ve been wrong before.

I will say Cuil beats Google in sex appeal. Much better looking site.