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Category Archives: wtf

Here’s a video I stumbled upon of Boston Dynamic’s “Big Dog” four legged robot.

I also found a still image of their next project:


As if facebook weren’t creepy enough. It appears that the guys behind the web addiction are making your life a little less personal.

Seriously? If FEMA has a plan that can tell me only one of two things.

I just got around to uploading all of Nana’s funeral photos. This one is particularly interesting. You can be the judge.

If you ever read Brand New then you know that Pepsi is committing brand suicide.

Pepsi. This Dry Heave is for you.

If you have some 3d glasses handy check out Barcinski-Jeanjean

I love gigantic screens as much as the next nerd, but this is a bit overkill.

And it will only set you back $13,000. What a steal.

I consider newbying to be a mild success as far as daily traffic goes, but to whom can we contribute the mass of people that visit this site daily. The answer is Sean Connery. How lame is that?

Brains on Fire set up a camera in their lobby, snapping photos every 30 seconds, and I made the cut.

To prove it, here is a modern-day image of the back of my head.

On another note, check out these guy’s work.  They’ve got their heads screwed on straight.  Their Blog is worth a look too.

Ecto-1 for sale!