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Ruth Gordon made great turns in two of my favorite films.  Harold and Maude and Rosemary’s Baby (for which she one an Academy Award).  If you haven’t seen either of these movies, they come highly reccomended.

A fine actress indeed.


If you’re like me you use a mac and netflix, and you’re extremely good looking. Kidding. Netflix offers a service that allows members to watch some of their picks instantly, except mac users. That appears to be changing for us Apple nuts according to Engadget. I just peed a little.

Ecto-1 for sale!

Ever wonder who is responsible for the Tina Fay/Martin Scorcese American Express tv spots? Well wonder no more, Hungryman is the quirky group behind them. The Tribeca film shorts are brilliant.

Could it be? Ghostbusters 3. If you know me very well at all you know that I’m a Bill Murray fanatic and my childhood literally revolved around Ghostbusters. So, I have a very close attachment to Ghostbusters I & II. This news shows that there are grumblings in Hollywood that point to a third episode feature Seth Rogen and Steve Carrel. I don’t know how I feel about this especially if Dan Akroyd doesn’t do any writing for it since Ghostbusters is his brain child. On the other hand Seth Rogan is pretty hilarious in everything I’ve seen him in. Carrel is always funny in the office; unlike his film roles that are abortions at best (sans Anchorman).

With all of that said, when I read this news the 6 year old in me did a backflip.

Leaked from ComicCon, I give you the first wolverine trailer.

This video keeps bouncing on and off YouTube, so I can’t post it directly – but check it out anyway.

Thanks Luan

Following closely in the steps of WALL-E is the new Pixar film, Up.

Which by the way looks amazing and will be in 3d no less. This should be awesome especially since Gvegas is acquiring an Imax.